Our Aims at Tidbury ...    

At Tidbury we welcome all children and adults into our safe and secure environment.

We make each day a fun and exciting learning experience.

" Children's safety and well-being are of utmost importance and are monitored rigorously through risk assessments.

Children thrive in this highly challenging, stimulating environment. Activities are of exceptionally high quality and provide outstanding learning opportunities for all children." (OFSTED Report 2018)

It is always difficult to leave your child in a new setting

but at Tidbury we have a wealth of experience that will help to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone.

With our close support each child can develop their skills and individual identity. 

Settling in new children takes time and expertise. Starting with Home Visits our team build close relationships with our families to enable and ensure each child feels comfortable, happy and relaxed within our nursery.

 "Staff provide home visits before children begin attending, and children settle in extremely well when they start.  All children gain self-confidence and are highly independent. They are confident and independent communicators and are willing to learn and explore." (OFSTED Report 2018)

Our aim is simply to be the best in the area and to provide the highest standards of care and education for each and every child.