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Maths workshop

 November 2019

OBJECTIVES: To understand what your child is taught and how they are assessed

To understand how your child learns through both adult led & child led activities

To understand how to  help my child at home to improve and develop good mathematical skills and a "love of maths".

  • We will be able to play the same games at home, so our daughter has consistency. 
  • Loved the swan children showing us how they write their numbers. 
  • Will use the maths language my child needs at home. 
  • I was lovely seeing the children involved; it made them feel very special. 
  • A wonderful workshop for both the children and parents. 
  • I loved playing the games, and seeing how the children were so engaged. Delivery was excellent. 
  • A great opportunity to see the way nursery plans and teaches maths. Thank you for your hard work and preparation. 
  • We love maths, so it's great to have some extra ideas to try. Great thank you!
  • Fantastic session, thank you so much. It was lots of fun - I really enjoyed it. 
  • A useful refresh into how encompassing maths is. I really enjoyed the hands on learning, observing language used, and questioning strategies by the staff with the children. 

Thank you for your comments ...

Reply from Tidbury: This was the first time we have invited the swan children to the workshop, and although a little bit busy - it was clearly a success. 

We had a 100% attendance of swan parents - with their swan children 10 x Mums, 4 x Dads, 2 x Nanny's 

Stay and Play session for my Grandparent ...

Oct 2019

To invite grandparents to share the Tidbury experience with their grandchild and with their grandchild's peers. 

Comments / feedback:

    • I liked the whole experience, and thought it especially fun outside watching the children in the digging area and also having snack together. Seeing my grandson pouring his own drink :)
    • I was very impressed listening to the Tidbury team, how they interacted with the children and made me feel very welcome
    • It was great to meet some of my grandson's friends and join in with them, and see how he interacts with everyone. 
    • From the outset I felt included, starting with my named chair! Clear explanations of how I could join in - thank you for the experience. 
    • I loved searching for worms and bugs, to see the wonderment in their faces was so touching. 
    • A couple more hours please! Oh and Grand dad wants to come too!

Thank you for your comments

Total attendance = 10 x grandma's / Nanny's + 1 x grandad.  

"Happy Children" workshop

October 2019

What is it all about?
* Do you want to find out more about how we sprinkle the "Tidbury Magic" and promote positive behaviour?
* We will show you how we support children to build social skills, friendships and independence.
* Do you want to support your child to build respect for themselves and for others?
* Would you like to find out some ways that will support your child to grow up to be a confident, happy and sociable adult?

  • Parent comments:
    * This workshop is a massive help to us. It is really useful to know the language of phrases used at nursery so we have consistency at home.
    * We will definitely be setting some Golden Rules and giving out some responsibility.
    * An insight of what's happening at Tidbury so we can follow at home.
    * It's good to chat to like minded people. It really refreshed my mind.
    * Louise explained everything really well. I will start having Family Meetings and will make sure we take it turns to talk.
    * Enjoyed talking with other parents - a nice idea.
    * Very good to hear other parents have similar issues with their children.
    * It will help us to be consistent at home with routines.
    * I will stop nagging! Also listen more and ask questions. Really made me think what I am doing right / wrong.
    * Some really good food for thought. Some strategies for us to implement - I will definitely establish some Golden Rules
    * I enjoyed seeing the photos of the children in action on the power point!
    * Louise made this entertaining! I've attended this workshop before, but it was great to have a refresher.
    * Will really help us to work together as a family
    * Louise gave clear instructions and advice throughout. Very informative.
    Response: Thank you for your valuable comments. I shall continue to have the "chatty time" as this was clearly popular and beneficial.

Thank you again for all those parents who attended the evening workshop or the Express meeting. Final attendance was 34% of our families, which is very sadly a lot down on last year : (16 parents - 10 x Mums and 6 x Dads + 8 x team). Thank you for 100% replies :)

And thank you to all the team who also attended the workshop, and helped with everything:)

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 Welcome Meeting for New Families

September 2019

OBJECTIVES: This meeting is to help establish a close partnership with our Tidbury families: to help you support us, and us support you.

  • Really grateful for the insight into what our child will be doing, so I can do this at home.

  • Really good communication of what to expect

  • Gives us even more confidence and makes us feel part of a family and community

  • It’s so lovely for us to experience the lovely relationships and environment that the children experience at Tidbury. All very useful, thank you.

  • Very informative. This nursery has a family feel and we are so pleased our child is starting soon.

  • It was lovely to meet everyone and to discuss the Tidbury routines. The home visit was very informative and useful.

  • Made us feel more relaxed and reassured about our child starting nursery. Very pleased you have taken the time to welcome us and get us involved from the start.

  • Love the email reminders – very detailed with informative attachments. Really fab job guys! Very tailored responses making parents feel that their child is really cared for and noticed.

  • Calm, professional delivery and planning. It’s definitely getting the preparation ready to actually starting.

Thank you for your comments and feedback. And welcome to Tidbury everyone :)

Total attendance = 92%

4 x dads & 11 x mums. 

Starting School Meeting 

June 2019

OBJECTIVES: To support parents of the children in our pre-school group with their transition to school. The meeting will include  a section when the children will be demonstrating what they have been learning and also we will discuss what else the children will need support with in their last few months at Tidbury.  


  • This will really help to support at home with everything that you are doing at Tidbury. Very valuable and holistic information. Thank you.
  • The tips about dressing, undressing, being independent and learning to not interrupt very useful!
  • We have a better understanding of the things we need to focus on and will start working on these things immediately. All fantastic. 
  • Good preparation for school.
  • Loved watching the children show us what they have been learning. 
  • Will really help with the transition to school. 
  • Another helpful meeting thank you. Lots of information to take on board. 
  • Will really help with problem solving.
  • Will be starting to ask "how are you feeling?" at home.
  • Wasn't sure what to expect, probably my fault! Louise you are brilliant :) Very helpful preparation
  • Great meeting thank you.

Thank you for your comments... and for  the 100% attendance !

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Phonics Workshop

February 2019

We tried something new for our phonics workshop... We held an early workshop and invited the swan children join us. They had a phonics lesson  to show their parents how they learn phonics, and how we teach. The swans were fabulous and were very excited to demonstrate their skills and practice their phonics with their parents. We shall definitely repeat this format in the future.  

OBJECTIVES: To understand how my pre-school child learns through both adult led and child initiated activities

To understand how to help my child at home to develop their pre reading and pre writing skills

How important it is to make learning fun, interesting and ensure your child is empowered and supported - DO NOT TEST!

  • Always fabulous and detailed :) The workshop was very useful; will be incorporating ideas at home. 
  • I really understand now how the swans are taught phonics. I will take time to read words slowly and concentrate on the structure of words. 
  • The course was fantastic as always - full of ideas. 
  • I will follow through activities at home now I have a better understanding of phonics. 
  • Really nice to see the children taking part
  • Good hand outs to read at home
  • Great to involve the children and for us to see how they learn a letter.
  • I loved this earlier time, it was perfect for us. 
  • I have taken lots of points from this workshop, including crossing off a shopping list and writing letters in sand. 

Thank you for your comments ...

Reply from Louise: Thank you to all the parents who attended our Phonics Workshop this week, with special thanks to Miss Charlotte for your fantastic support and input, and the children for being so terrific!  

We had a 75% attendance of swan parents - the best ever! ( 8 x Mums and 2 x Dads )

For those parents who were unable to attend - me or Charlotte will feed back to you the key points ASAP. Louise (Please download Power point above) 

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What Next? Meeting

November 2018

OBJECTIVES: To inform parents of the 30 FREE HOURS and the criteria for eligibility 

Offer of places for our Swan Group 2019 - how this works for our Tidbury families

To learn more about the "Swan" curriculum - inform parents of what happens at Tidbury during the pre - school year

  • I found the meeting very informative, and especially liked the ex parental feedback and the info about the 30 hour funding.
  • Fantastic meeting, as always very informative
  • I loved hearing the testimonials, it made me very emotional
  • It was all very positive, thank you.
  • I liked finding out about what the swans do and what they will be learning
  • It made me certain about staying at Tidbury, we would not even look anywhere else!
  • Feel very confident about our choice to stay at TGPN.

Thank you for your comments ...

Thank you for all those parents who managed to attend the meeting.

Final attendance was 50% of our bear families : (8 parents - 6 x Mums and 2 x Dads). Thank you for 100% replies :) 

We always welcome feedback from our parents.

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Tidbury recognises that parents play the fundamental role in a child's development and this is acknowledged as the basis for our very strong partnership between all of our team at Tidbury and all of our Tidbury families.

"Parents are extremely happy with the pre-school and really appreciate the care and education provided. They comment that care given by the staff is "Amazing"."