SEPTEMBER 2018 FEES TABLE GRID - please see below

Short day hours = between 7:45 am & 4:15 pm. Please note collection is between 4:00pm & 4:15pm. We recommend that cubs are collected at 4:00pm

Extended day hours = between 7:45 am & 5:15 pm. Please note children collected after 4:15pm will be charged for extended day extra hour CUB GROUP:

Two year old children must attend a minimum of TWO FULL DAYS. Some two year olds may be eligible for 15 HOURS, but may continue two days.

BEAR GROUP: children must increase hours the term after they are three and eligible for 15 FREE HOURS and attend a minimum of THREE FULL DAYS

SWAN GROUP: Children in the pre-school group if eligible for 30 FREE HOURS must increase hours to FOUR FULL DAYS. Children not eligible may continue with THREE FULL DAYS.

Please contact Manger Jo for any further information. Thank you

0121 745 9355

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